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Law, rules, regulations, and policies are what keep society within limits, and if implemented well, peace and order can be maintained. However, there are instances when you might accidentally or intentionally break the law and find yourself in need of a lawyer. If the offense committed falls under a criminal conduct, a criminal defense lawyer is the one for the job.

Criminal defense lawyers handle the case of individuals accused of a crime. Criminal conduct may be as simple as speeding, or as serious as violent crimes like murder. Although it’s possible to represent yourself in court for minor violations, having a criminal defense lawyer will increase your chances of proving your innocence when major accusations are made. Where you live is not an exception when it comes to the coverage of the criminal law, so if you’re looking for a good criminal defense lawyer either for yourself or someone you know, here are some helpful tips and reminders:

Hire a lawyer who specializes in your case.

There are criminal defense attorneys who specialize in specific types of cases. Some concentrate on cases such as sex offenses, drugs, theft, and domestic violence. A lawyer who has more experience in handling your type of case will have more knowledge and skill to build a strong argument in your defense.

Check for credentials.

A certified criminal lawyer should ideally be a member of some legal organizations. A few of the recognized organizations are the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (ACDL), and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Membership in any of these organizations indicates that they are updated with the current legal system and sincerely interested in criminal defense.

Evaluate the lawyer’s personality.

During your initial meeting, you may be able to make a general picture of what your lawyer is like. A charming and sweet criminal defense attorney may be convincing, but you need a lawyer who is also hardworking, passionate, and sincere. You may ask his philosophy and goals to have more idea about his motivations. An attorney with experience in teaching also shows commitment and dedication.

There are several law firms you can consult and discuss your case with. A professional criminal attorney knows that it’s best for a client to have all the facts of his case. The attorney should make everything easier for you to understand by breaking down court procedures and giving advice in layman’s terms. This will ensure your involvement and participation in the case. For more tips on how to choose a criminal defense lawyer, visit